We are a Corporate Member of the Prayer Book Society (
We use The Book of Common Prayer.

Services are held every Sunday:
1st Sunday – Matins (Sung) 11 a.m.  Holy Communion 12 noon
2nd Sunday – Holy Communion (Sung) 11 a.m.
3rd Sunday – Matins (Sung) 11 a.m.
4th Sunday – Holy Communion 11 a.m.
5th Sunday – Holy Communion 11 a.m.

Christmas Services:
To find out what Christmas services are happening in our benefice, please click here.

We have a car park situated opposite the church and would be most grateful if you could donate at least £1 if you decide to leave your car here.

Selworthy Church needs you

In order to keep Selworthy Church running, we need your donations to support it.