Friends of Selworthy Church

This is a small parish with a magnificient Church which requires constant maintenance as it stands proud on a beautiful hillside which is exposed to the elements.

Although it is in the National Trust village of Selworthy, it is entirely independent and recieves no financial support from the Trust.

In 2016 a charity with independent trustees was established, (which is completely seperate from the Parochial Church Council) to raise money for the ongoing maintenance of the building.

This charity also incorporates the Friends of Selworthy Church which is intended to keep all our many Friends from all over the World in touch with what is happening here and to seek their support when necessary.

There is no cost to become a Friend of Selworthy Church. However, we may from time to time, invite you to contribute to a particular project related to the church.

If you have an email address we will keep in touch with you by email. For those not on email, it is our intention to send you an occassional newsletter which we hope you will find interesting.

Please join The Friends using the Application Form below.

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